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Pulling Carriage Unit

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Pulling Carriage Unit

This is the fin pitch driving device depend on tube rotation speed and the pitch rate against rotation speed is constant and high speed driving is possible.
It is easy to adjust and divide the pitch precisely. It is also possible to handle big size tube comparing with pushing type and has less NG rate and easy to operate.

  • Tube Diameter(O.D) : 25.4 ~ 114.3mm
    (Maximum 5 inches with special chuck)
  • Main rotation device : Servo Motor type carriage
  • Precise transfer device : Rail guide
  • Precise pitch adjustment : 43 ~ 309fins/1000mm(1~8 fins/inch)
  • Maximum turning speed : 0~800,1000 rpm
  • Welding turning speed : 0~800,1000rpm
  • Servo motor type carriage available
  • High/Low speed power torque change type
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