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Welding Part

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Welding Part

It is the system for welding fin with tube and consists of cooling nozzle for fin tube, high frequency output transformer, up & down table for adjusting the position of transformer, fin guide roller and tube break roller with strong and stable systems.
Guide roller which is easy to connect and change fin with tube is air cylinder type for more efficiency, There is a spark detector which is installed for rapid stop of rotating tube in case of fin break so as to minimize and prevent breakage of tube and output transformer.

  • High frequency current transformer : 240kw
  • Moving table for high frequenncy transformer
    - Up,down,left and right maximum stroke : 50mm
    - Up & down cylinder C,T Lift stoke : Maximum 100mm
  • Fin holder : Air cylinder type (Stroke 75mm) : Air pressure 0~4 kg/cm2
  • Tube tip holder : Air cylinder type (Stroke 100㎜) :Air pressure 0~5 kg/cm2
  • Fin guide roller : Air cylinder type
  • Spark detector : working distance 50mm ~ 500mm
    Respond speed 10 ~ 100msec
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